Mr. Gold Refined Sunflower Oil

1)  Q: Is this cold pressed and Agmark certified?

      A: This is expeller pressed and Refined. We have Agmark certificate.

2) Q: What is the expiry of the product?

     A: This is an edible oil, and has a shelf life of 6 months from the date of packaging.

3) Q: How many kg 5L Can has?

     A: Weight is 4.55 KG

4) Q: What is the size of a Free Fry pan, can it be used on an induction stove?

     A: Size of the fry pan is 8 inches. This fry pan can not be used on an induction stove.

5) Q: Why are Vitamins added?

     A: This is a Refined Oil, As per government policies, refined oil must be enriched with vitamins.

Mr. Gold Refined Rice bran Oil

1)  Q: What is the refining type?

      A: Refining type of Oil is physical.

2) Q: Is there any Oryzanol in the oil?

     A: 1.5-2% oryzanol is present.

3) Q: Is 10 Liters available?

     A: No. 10 Liters can is not available

4) Q: Can we use this oil for deep frying?

     A: It has a very high smoke point and is suited for deep frying.

5 ) Q: Can we get this without fortification of Vitamins?

      A: No. Oil is fortified with vitamins as per FSSAI norms.

Mr. Gold Groundnut Oil

1)  Q: How much E319 or E900a is being added?

      A: This is a 100% Groundnut oil, we don’t add any other material.

2) Q: How do you filter it? Are any chemicals used in the filtration process?

     A: We don’t add any chemical to filter the oil. We remove only raw crush particles from the oil by filtering it.

3) Q: Will this have a natural flavor and smell of groundnut?

     A: Yes. This oil has a natural aroma. It enhances the taste.

4) Q: Is this cold pressed?

     A: No. This oil is expeller pressed.

5) Q: Is this oil refined ?

     A: No. These are expeller pressed and filtered pure groundnut oil.

6) Q:  Is this filtered Groundnut oil ?

     A: Yes, this is filtered groundnut oil. But we haven’t mentioned it as per FSSAI norms.

Mr. Gold Coconut Oil

1) Q: Is it a good for cooking? and can we use it for hair and skin

     A: Yes. It is the purest cooking coconut oil of edible grade. It can also be used for face and skin.

2) Q: Is this a roasted oil or a cold pressed one?

     A: This is expeller pressed oil

3) Q: Does it have a coconut smell or taste?

     A: Yes, it is 100% pure agmark certified coconut oil. It has every characteristic of coconut oil.

4) Q: Is this oil refined?

    A: No. This is not refined.

5) Q: Is it from raw fresh coconut or from dried coconut ( Khopra)?

     A: It is made from Sun Dried coconuts.

Mr. Gold Gingelly Oil

1) Q: Is this refined oil?

     A: No, this is cold pressed pressed oil.

2) Q: Can this oil be used for hair and head massage?

     A: Yes. This oil nourishes your scalp.

3) Q: Can you use this oil for oil pulling?

     A: Yes. This oil can be used for oil pulling.

4) Q: Is it free from argemone oil?

     A: This is 100% pure gingelly oil. No oil blending done.

5) Q: Can we use this oil for deep frying?

     A: Yes. We can use this oil for deep frying.

Nakshatra Pooja Oil

1) Q: Is nakshatra pooja oil a scented oil?

     A: Yes. It has a unique fragrance.

2) Q: Can we apply this for hair ?

     A: No. This is not a cosmetic product.

3) Q: How many oils are used in this product?

     A: This product is a blend of five divine oils.

4) Q: Is ghee used in this product?

     A: No. Ghee is not used in this product.

5) Q: Does this emit soot?

     A: No. This is a product which emits less soot.