Nakshatra Pooja Oil Pet 1L + Free Green's facewash worth Rs.170

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Nakshatra lamp oil, a combination of 5 oils, with a divine fragrance, brings happiness and goodness to your homes. Sesame oil – Wards of darkness and creates positive thoughts Rice Bran Oil – Releases good energy and instils peace Coconut Oil – Gifts happiness and energy Mahua oil – Grants a debt-free life Castor oil – Gives fame and growth This panchadeepa oil, brings positivity, increases prosperity and makes your day gratifying. Choose Divinity! Choose Nakshatra!

Get One Green’s Facewash Worth Rs.150 with Nakshatra Pooja Oil Pet Bottle,1L 

Vendor: sunrajaoilindustries
Type: nakshatra pooja oil
Material: lamp oil
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