Mr. Gold Tasty Combo (Groundnut Oil 5L, Cold Pressed Gingelly Oil 1L, Coconut Oil 500ml) – Total 6.5L

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The Tasty Combo is a combination of three different flavours which give us traditional taste. Traditionally, in South India, Groundnutoil, Coconut oil and Gingelly oil were widely used for cooking before the advent of refined oils. Enjoy the authentic traditional taste of the foods with the traditional combo. Groundnut oil – rich in plant sterols which helps in reducing the absorption of cholesterol in the body. Gingelly oil – guarantees you the best health by pushing your Blood Pressure down, lowering your Cholesterol and maintains your skin healthy Coconut oil – makes the food light and healthy, and exudes a delicious aroma which is mouthwatering. Contents: Filtered Groundnut Oil – 2L Gingelly Oil – 1L Coconut oil – 500 ml

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