Mr. Gold All in one Mega Combo (Refined Sunflower Oil 2L, Filtered Groundnut Oil 1L, Refined Rice Bran Oil 1L, Cold Pressed Gingelly Oil 500ml, Coconut Oil 500ml, Lamp Oil 1L) – Total 6L

All in one Mega Combo is a combination of all the available oils in the Mr. Gold range of oils.

Mr. Gold brings to your door step, special oil combos for your daily cooking needs. We have handpicked combos that can make your cooking healthy, tasty and versatile. Doctors recommend using multiple oils, rather than a single one for better health. This inspired us to put together the following oils in this combo.

Mr. Gold Groundnut oil – Perfect for any recipe, Imparts a great flavor, Phytosterols in groundnuts help in controlling cholesterol levels

Mr. Gold Sunflower oil- Perfect for any recipe, Most preferred oil, Enriched with vitamins ADEK, Contains unsaturated good fats.

Mr. Gold Gingely oil- Flavourful oil, Innumerable health benifits, Has a cooling effort in the body.

Mr. Gold coconut oil- Versatile oil, Great in baking, Helps give a natural glow to skin and hair, Great for kids.

Nakshatra Lamp oils – A combination of 5 oils, with a divine fragrance, to bring happiness and goodness your homes.

Sale Price: 1,300

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