Mr. Gold Health Combo (Filtered Groundnut Oil 2L, Cold Pressed Gingelly Oil 1L, Refined Rice Bran Oil 1L) – Total 4L

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Mr. Gold Health Combo is a ideal for a health conscious family with the right mix of Groundnut, Gingelly and Rice bran oils.

Groundnut oil – rich in plant sterols which helps in reducing the absorption of cholesterol in the body.

Gingelly oil – guarantees you the best health by pushing your Blood Pressure down, lowering your Cholesterol and maintains your skin healthy

Ricebran oil – a healthy heart oil that is naturally enriched with multiple nutrients like Oryzanol to provide health benefits for every member of the family.


Filtered Groundnut Oil – 2L
Gingelly Oil – 1L
Refined Ricebran oil – 1L

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